Gravis Preliminary Information Form

Gravis Preliminary Information Form  



Trade Name: Gravis Sigorta Ltd. Sti
Main field of activity: Insurance Agent
Address: Aydede Cad. Koray Apt. No: 16 K: 3 D: 6 Talimhane / Beyoğlu İstanbul
Phone & Fax No: +90 212 232 01 02
Central Registration System No: 03890800886000017



Name and surname:

Features, quality-quantity (travel health insurance), collection procedures and conditions of the sale price of the sale price created in accordance with the information completed electronically by the provider with this Preliminary Information Form Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the regulation of distance contracts for Financial Services, the regulation of distance contracts (R.G.27.11.2014 / 29188) is the notification of the consumer in accordance with the provisions.


provided on behalf of foreign nationals can apply to products sold in Turkey are travel visa it is health policy. It covers the services listed below in my coverage capacity during product validity;

  • Medical Treatment Coverage
  • Travel or Transfer of Insured
  • Transfer of the Insured to Permanent Residence
  • Transfer of the Funeral of the Insured
  • Medical Consulting
  • Forwarding Urgent Messages
  • Loss of luggage, theft"


Service Type: Insurance Service

Sale Price: Travel health insurance fees can be different depending on the duration and age of the person. No fees will be collected from you other than the insurance policy amount.


5.1. The CONSUMER commits to make the policy premium payments with the payment plan and payment mean ("Payment Tool") selected in the offer / sales steps, accepts and declares that it has authorized the PROVIDER to make the mentioned collections from the Payment Tool. 

5.2. The CONSUMER agrees and accepts that the new credit card that will be  made after the credit card expired, lost or stolen due to the expiration, loss or theft of the credit card is also within the scope of the Payment Tool and that if the credit card is closed to "mailorder" for any reason, premium collections will not be made.


6.1. The CONSUMER will be able to view the Insurance Policy by logging in to the portal section on with their TR ID number. In addition, the Insurance Policy will be sent to the e-mail address of the CONSUMER.

6.2. The CONSUMER should submit the Information Form related to the Insurance Policy (Service) created with the information he / she filled in at and the basic characteristics of the Insurance Policy (Service), sales price and payment method and this Preliminary He accepts that he has read the Information Form and is aware of on all these issues.

6.3. The CONSUMER can view, approve and save a copy of the Information Form related to the Insurance Policy (Service) and this Preliminary Information Form during the offer / sales steps performed on

6.4. All conditions related to the service provided by the PROVIDER, the performance of its validity period and its termination are organized on the basic of the Policy annexed to this contract.

6.5. CONSUMERS, Turkey borders residing in foreign country / located in the residence ett / found that the law due to such service purchases in the country, regulations and tax will accrue according to relevant regulations, he/she will be required to provide fees and all kinds of financial obligations, in order to to serve all accepts, declares and commits that it will make the payments immediately and exactly.

6.6. The CONSUMER accepts and commits that he/she will not use the service purchased with this contract for illegal purposes. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liability that may arise belongs to the CONSUMER, but the PROVIDER reserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use against all claims and demands that may be made by third parties or competent authorities against the PROVIDER.

6.7. The PROVIDER will keep this contract for 3 years after it is concluded between both parties, in case the CONSUMER requests via the telephone number 0212 232 01 02 during this period, the PROVIDER agrees, declares and commits that will provide a copy of the contract.

6.8. In case the CONSUMER enters his / her information inaccurately and / or incompletely, the CONSUMER must call the PROVIDER at 0212 232 01 02 and inform the PROVIDER immediately. Otherwise, the accuracy of the information given by the CONSUMER will be taken as basis and the PROVIDER will not take any responsibility.

6.9. CONSUMER and PROVIDER accept, declare and commits that the correspondence addresses mentioned at the beginning of this contract are valid notification addresses and that all notifications sent to this address will be considered valid.

6.10. In case the PROVIDER imposes to take a photo of the vehicle stated in the document subject to this contract and informs the CONSUMER in this context during the sales phase; will have the right to terminate the contract unilaterally as a result of the inspection to be made after the photos of the vehicle are received by the PROVIDER.


7.1. CONSUMER, provided that the Insurance Policy has no damage, within 14 (fourteen) days from the starting date; The policy can be canceled by using the right of withdrawal to request its cancellation or by paying the collection amount corresponding to the period benefited from the policy in case of cancellation requests exceeding 14 (fourteen) days.

7.2. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the CONSUMER will send the cancellation request with a premium refund within 14 (fourteen) days by calling the Sompo Japan Insurance Contact Center at 0212 232 01 02 or by applying to the agency via the address and phone numbers specified in the insurance policy to be canceled.

7.3. The right of withdrawal and termination of the CONSUMER stated in the Articles of the Turkish Commercial Code is reserved.


8.1. In case the CONSUMER has claims and complaints about the Insurance Policy and sales; An application can be made to the PROVIDER, whose address and phone number are given under Article 1.1 of this Preliminary Information Form. The PROVIDER has to reply to the requests within fifteen business days from the receipt of the application.

8.2. This Preliminary Information Form is an integral part of the Distance Sales Contract. The records of the PROVIDER (including the records in magnetic media such as computer-audio recordings) will be used as evidence while resolving any dispute that may occur regarding the Insurance Policy (Service) based on the Preliminary Information Form.

8.3. Provider is a member of Insurance Arbitration System. The CONSUMER may apply to the Insurance Arbitration Commission, the Consumer Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court for the resolution of disputes arising from the Distance Sales Agreement and / or Insurance Policy (Service). The CONSUMER hereby accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read all the terms and explanations written with the Preliminary Information Form, the Information Form, has received and examined all the sales conditions and all other preliminary information, and that he wants to purchase the insurance policy, whose features and conditions are specified above.