How Can I Buy My Policy?

How Can I Buy My Policy?

You can purchase your policy by following the steps below.

1- Register:

2- If you are our Corporate Agency Complete your company’s information. If you are an Individual Customer, fill in Personal Information 

3- Sign in with your e-mail and password

4- Select your Insurance Policy from “Insurance Policies” Tab

5- Confirm KVKK Personal Data Protection) Form

6-  Select the country of residence, Enter start date of your Insurance Policy,  Select the validity period of your policy (6 months or 1 year) Click on “Get Offer” 

7- Add your Insurance Policy to your Cart  

8- Enter the information which is to be used for your Insurance Policy  

9- Enter details of your credit card Click on “Complete Payment” 



10- When your payment is approved, your policy will be sent to your e-mail address.