VisaTR (Turkey Visa, Travel Health and Safety Policy)



The total coverage limit is 60,000 USD.


1- Medical Treatment and Pandemic Cover

If the Insured get ill or gets injured as the result of an emergency under this coverage, the Assistance Company shall cover the hospital, surgery and treatment costs as well as the costs of medicines prescribed by the doctor on behalf of Unico Sigorta. Outpatient and inpatient treatment expenses due to Covid-19 are also covered by the related policy.

2- Transfer of Insured For Medical Reasons

In case the Insurance Holder becomes ill or injured as a result of an emergency case within the scope of this policy, it is provided to be transferred to the nearest medical center by transport vehicle.

3- Transfer of Insured to the Country of Origin or Country of Permanent Residence Due To an Emergency Health Problem

In case the Insurance Holder is discharged from the medical center of the treatment as a result of sudden illness or injury within the scope of this policy, the return to the country of origin or permanent residence is provided.

4- Transfer of The Insured's Funeral

If the Insured dies as a result of an emergency illness or injury within the scope of this policy, the Assistance Company shall organize the transfer of the funeral to the burial place in the Country of Permanent Residence for burial.

5- Forwarding Emergency Messages

Upon request of the Insured, the Assistance Company shall ensure that urgent or necessary messages are communicated in relation to the matters covered by all clauses mentioned above.

6- Medical Advice

Medical Team of the Insurance Company's contracted Assistance company provides information on the health problem suffered by the Insurance Holder.

7- Residence Permit Refusal Coverage

In case the Insured's residence permit application is rejected, the residence fee and application fees are covered by the insurance 100% within the limits determined by the institution (the Provincial Immigration Administration of the Ministry of Interior) where the application was placed.

8- Return to Country Coverage

All expenses related to the deportation of the insured, whose residence application is rejected or who has not been able to leave the country even though the residence period has expired, will be covered under this coverage.

9- Luggage Loss

If the baggage is lost, stolen or damaged on scheduled flights, the damage of the insured will be covered by the Insurance company.

10- Personal Financial Liability Coverage

Material and physical damages incurred by third parties as a result of an accident occurring during the travel period of the insured are covered within the scope of this coverage.