Travel Health & Security Insurance

Whether for business or leisure purposes, you may face unexpected situations, either cancel your travel or need emergency medical treatment.

Travel Health Insurance

Get Your Overseas Travel Health Insurance from Gravis Insurance, Be Prepared for Unexpected Situations

Turkey Education, Travel Health and Safety Policy

If you decide to do your education abroad, Grarvis covers you with wide coverage.


Full Support to Your Health

Would you like to have a secure contract with private hospitals for your health treatment and examination procedures at very affordable prices without paying any additional fee? Thanks to Complementary Health Insurance, you can have high standard private health insurance at private hospitals contracted with Gravis Insurance and SGK, without any additional charges.

  • "Inpatient Treatment
  • Public Hospitals Faculty Members Examination Difference Fee
  • Daily Hospitalization Compensation
  • Outpatient treatment

International Travel Insurance

Everything Is Well In Your Abroad Travel!

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